How To Monitor A FreePBX Server With Uptime Kuma

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In this tutorial Im going to show you how to monitor the uptime of a FreePBX server using Uptime Kuma. Uptime Kuma is an easy-to-use self-hosted monitoring tool. This lets you recieve notifications whenever a server goes offline so you can keep a close eye on your FreePBX servers.

We will need a few things before we get started:

  1. A FreePBX server (any version will work)
  2. A hosted version of Uptime Kuma (I use a service called PikaPods that is extremally affordable).

That’s it, now lets get started!

Add A New Monitor In Uptime Kuma

Lets head to Uptime Kuma first and add our FreePBX monitor.

In the “Add New Monitor” settings fill in the following:

Monitor Type : Push
Friendly Name : Whatever name you like for this server.
Push URL : Copy and paste this for later. We will need this for FreePBX settings.
Heartbeat Interval : 120 ( I found 120 seconds to be the best time for FreePBX to not give false positives).

*Don’t push “SAVE” just yet.

FreePBX Settings

Time to set the FreePBX settings. We will use an SSH program to log into our FreePBX server. You can use Putty or I prefer a program called Termius.

We need to create a file called To do this use the following command:

					nano /root/

With the Nano editor open we need to add the following code:

					curl -s 'http://WEBaddressHERE'

Replace “http://WEBaddressHERE” with the web address we copied from Uptime Kuma labeled “Push URL”. Your code should look something like this:

					curl -s ''

Now save the file by pressing ctrl + O and then exit by pressing ctrl + X

Next we want to tell CRON to run the script we just created. Do this with the following:

					nano /etc/ crontab

In the Nano editor paste the following:

					* * * * * root /root/ > /dev/null 2>&1

Again, save and exit by using ctrl + O to save and ctrl + X to exit.

Lastly we need to give the file the correct permissions to run. To do this run the following command:

					chmod 755 ~/

*Now don’t forget to go back to Uptime Kuma and hit “SAVE” for your new monitor.


That’s it! Give it a few minutes and you should see your FreePBX server is up!

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